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the House Painting Business

Many men and women work in the house painting business. The trade of painting, regardless if commercial or residential, can be a very profitable business. Some contributors to this website have been painting for decades and more then a few havethe House Painting Business is Very Profitable earned good six figure incomes over the years as custom painters or painting contractors. But you can be sure that no employees earning $10 -$15 per hour will ever reach that level of income. Those high income producing jobs go to those who are savvy enough to start their own business and have learned to provide the type of service that makes their customers call them time and again.

We might mention that the painting business is not some get-rich-quick scheme but a respectable trade which takes dedication and hard work if you want to be among that group of painters boasting of those high incomes. Many times a qualified painter who has Airless Spray Painting takes some skill but provides excellent resutlsworked a few years and learned the trade wants to take the step of going on his or her own but simply has no idea of where to start. This is the scary part since a good 95% of all small businesses fail within the first year.  The reason it is difficult to get started is no commercial painting contractor is going to help one of his employees to compete against him. That's where this site is beneficial.

There are different schools of thought on how to operate a profitable painting business. Most would expect that the large painting contractors with multiple crews are the guys referred to above who are making those large yearly Small house painting businesses are very profitableincomes. In reality, most of the more profitable and successful painters associated with this site are one-man or small family businesses. While there is much information offered with the theme of building large businesses, it has been proven time and again, the painting business can be very rewarding to the one man operator.

While there are some who focus on getting nothing but small jobs taking a half day or one day and there are others focusing on getting new construction offering multiple homes, wouldn't it be nice to know which really is the more profitable?  Personally I've never known any professional painters happy with setting up and painting one room a day but wouldn't it be nice to have options of what type of business you wanted to market for?

Airless sprayers come in all sizesActually that term "Marketing" is what scares off many would be business owners. When the boss is handing out job assignments, you never think too much about where that next job might come from. When you are a painting business owner, you have to know how to target the type of work you desire. Plus, you have to know how to reach perspective customers without spending too much on paid advertising.

Of course getting the phone to ring is only the first part. You also have to know how to win jobs even when your bid might be the highest the customer receives. As you might guess, the lowest bidding house painter isn't going to be in business too long.

This website will offer valuable information if you are just a home owner trying to pick up some tips for painting your living room or if you know all the basics of the trade of painting and are considering going into business for yourself. As this site grows it will offer something for everyone interested in painting.  Our contributors have been active in the painting business for decades and now are sharing the wealth of knowledge they've accumulated over those years. Be sure to bookmark our site and watch our valuable house painting business library grow.

Whether you have a one-man operation or you are one operating a number of painting crews, we've learned some neat tricks to generate business with the personal touch.  With the growth of house painting franchises and the fact that new promotions are appearing online every year,  the smart business owner wants to stay ahead of the competition.  Many contractors in the business for years still aren't aware of who their real competition is.  Thus they tend to forget about "Profit" and focus on "Volume" until it is too late.  This can be the most expensive mistake any house painting business can make.  Our contributors have been doing very nicely even during the worse economy in recent history.  Stick around, browse our site and learn why.

Doc and the contributors to this site have been active in helping many start up and run profitable house painting businesses since 2008' on the web and for a decade in the real world.  If you are new or experienced in the painting business, you'll gain new insights into estimating jobs and marketing your small business.  Learn to leverage all the services you provide to produce a good income all year around.

I wanted to thank you for the business plan and getting started ...I knew I needed to find a business opportunity that would be recession proof and had on-going residual income potential. There is toms of information online if you google something. Most of it is worthless or so vague that it is hard to apply to what you are interested in. I took a chance a paid for your start up package. The information is far more thorough than I ever imagined. The information gives a step by step guide to getting started in business without wasting time and money. I would recommend this package to anyone looking to get into their own business. Don't waste money on franchises, this plan is all you need.
Thank you Doc, 
Nampa, Idaho   2/16/2011